Sponsor: MOMO
MOMO, producer of parts and accessories for the automotive aftermarket, set the goal for this project to create a wheel design for the future of car culture and the automotive aftermarket while also staying true to MOMO's motorsports and high performance heritage.
The future of the automotive performance aftermarket is full of potential design directions. Passive and active aerodynamics, as well as customization were stand-outs during the ideation phase.
Concept Development
I chose to develop my concept around customization for the user. Using electronics and displays on the wheel face would allow users to change the wheel design to fit their own taste without changing the wheels at all.
The basic concept involved a simple concave dish design in order to maximize space for the customizable displays. I wanted to refine the shape into a more performance and motorsport oriented design that better fit with the MOMO brand.
Final Concept
LiveWire is all about merging customization, technology, and performance. The shape is designed to be lightweight enough for use in motorsport and high performance applications while also allowing space for electronic components and OLED displays. Inspired by on-car lights used during endurance races, the wheel displays can be used to communicate grid position or other relevant information to the spectators and organizers during a race.
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